Sonic Pro Electric Toothbrush with Charging Dock

Sonic Pro Electric Toothbrush with Charging Dock


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SKU: DSP-8120

High-powered toothbrush easily cleans your teeth
Capable of 41,000 strokes a minute
Includes 3 replacement brush head
Cleans hard-to-reach areas

High-Tech Hygiene
Intelligent timer features a 2-minute shut off to ensure optimal brushing time
Timer alerts you every 30 seconds to move to another quarter of your mouth
Includes a charging dock
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts three weeks on a full charge when used twice daily, making it ideal for travel
Features three modes including clean, including clean, whiten and massager
Easy replacement of brush heads with twist-and-lock action
Proprietary brush head design with long outer bristles reaches between teeth for thorough cleaning

Set includes:
1 Sonic Pro Toothbrush
3 brush heads
1 power supply
1 users manual

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